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Character – By Frida

Old pirate soul, barefoot gypsy spirit, open sea thinker, master of detail, one love believer, map collector, blue-eyed adventurer, badass sailor meets nature elegance. What I admire most is the unstoppable ‘free spirited spontaneity’ attitude that reveals itself in everything she does. READ MORE


I stood there, naked, thinking how I had placed myself back at square one. I was angry with myself. Actually more frustrated I guess. I walked over to turn the lights out and appreciated the dim light of the candles flickering against the white tiles creating little dancing shadows I weren’t sure were happy or sad. READ MORE

Rama Bound – Reasons behind my decision

~ This blog is intended to explain some of the reasons behind my decision to leave Delos and continue on my own path with Ramatree ~

Life has many chapters and comings and goings and I always find it interesting that the Universe is constantly changing. Relationships and events come and go, and sometimes the Universe presents you with things that you may not necessarily understand; sometimes not always the things that you want, but the things that you need. READ MORE

In search for balance

Take it day by day – For me its finding a path where I plan in the middle ground between my dreams and reality, however, finding groove in allowing the day to unfold itself to me. In this space, and only in this space, this frequency, I learn how to slow down and tune in to the light. READ MORE

To Dance in the Forest again

Its like ‘work’ is something for me to hold on to. Its like the ledge and Ive got it, I want to jump up, but I cant yet. I have to let go, I have to fall down wherever I fall down and find another way up.I need to allow the time for me to rest and spend time with myself, just me, and my thoughts. READ MORE

Love and Light

Thursday 20th of Aug – Morning  – That was by far the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. Its been something Ive been ‘dreading’ for the past 2 months. The moment we would have to say goodbye.