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Part Gypsy, part Pirate, I create under the realm of Ramatree.
It encompasses my ever growing and evolving tree of life in which the roots are my foundations and past, the trunk resonating my inner being and the branches reflecting growth, expansion and exploration across the spectrum of creative mediums.  All are constantly connected, growing and evolving and this is reflected in my work.

I create things.
To me, art is not just a painting on the wall, it is everything.  It is the beauty and magic in the creative process; from seedling to forest.  Alongside custom/commission pieces and collaborations, I am currently creating art, jewellery, photographs, poetry, videos and anything else that feels right.  I enjoy using natural elements in my pieces; driftwood, sea shells, pressed flora, sterling silver, up-cycling, recycling, and creating from my treasures collected on my journeys.  This means my pieces are unique, authentically made with love in my small studio and all share the common grain of having meaning and an individual story.  I also capture my travels, and the inspiration and processes behind my creations in the form of artistic and conscious videos.

A lot of my inspiration comes from the ocean.
For 35,000 nautical miles, I have sailed and travelled with it, been governed by wind and waves, explored corners and cultures of the earth and found depth and magic under the sea.  My thirst for travel, exploration and creation is a way of life.   I spend my days doing what I love and through the growth of my tree, I aspire to make a positive difference.  My creations reflect the beauty of nature and the free spirited ideals I have developed through exploring it. One day soon I will write a book about it all.

Binding the land and the sea,
there grew Ramatree.